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7 Essential observations for you to use the dress shirt correctly.

The dress shirt remains absolute as one of the most elegant pieces for men. A piece for daily use that can be used for formal situations, such as work meetings, interviews; or for casual moments.

However, if misused, the dress shirt takes away every aspect of elegance and gives an air of sloppiness. You know that wide collar, the length too big, the shoulder that doesn't fit… It's a sign that that shirt didn't fit you well.

πŸ’‘ 1. Collar

Ideally, it should touch your neck, but don't hang yourself. You have to be able to put at least one finger inside it without having to force it. More or less, this is wrong.

πŸ’‘ 2. Shoulder

The vertical line of the shirt must be aligned with where your shoulder ends and your arm begins. If it is too close to your neck, it will be tight, limiting your movements. If it is too wide, it will give the impression of being a puffing jamb.

πŸ’‘ 3. Waist

To start, the buttons have to close quietly, without the impression that they will explode. Second: the trim of the shirt should continue to fall off the bone of your rib, without too many leftovers on the sides.

πŸ’‘ 4. Arm

The shirt sleeve has to be slightly wider at the elbow than at the cuff. There has to be a little bit of fabric left when the arm is straight so that you can bend the arm comfortably. Remembering that there cannot be too much fabric left over, neither above nor below.

πŸ’‘ 5. Fist

There should be a small space between the cuff and your wrist. Enough that you can wear a watch comfortably without starting to lose blood circulation in your arm.

πŸ’‘ 6. Sleeve

No wearing shirts like the Crazy Boy. You know that little ball you have on the side of your hand? This is exactly where the shirt should end. If it is too wide it can hinder the simple act of opening and closing the hand.

πŸ’‘ 7. Lenght


To find out if the shirt is the right length, take it out of your pants: it must be the right size to cover your belt. Remembering that the shirt should be the same length on all sides, so that you can put it inside your pants without any major problems.

Given the tips, it is difficult to buy a shirt that hits 100% on all items. If you have money left, have it custom made for you. If not, go to a seamstress that he can tighten and leave that ideal piece for your body. For those who can speak English, I recommend the video below that explains a little better about the different styles of dress shirts that exist and what is the right fit for them must have on you.

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