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Wheel Colors, learn how to use it to match your clothes.

Hi Folks!

Before we start, I'm going to ask you a question. Did you know that colors are very important to dress better?

For those who don't know, let's talk a little about the color wheel. The color wheelis a set of colors where you can use the means to use them in harmony.

Wheel Colors:

Wheel Colors

This is the color wheel, and you will now be friends! She is the one who will help you to know if one color matches another or not.

Now, all we need to select colors is certain geometric shapes. Yes, we will see how mathematics is related to harmony in the combination of colors.


This is the easiest, as we just select a single color and change its tones. Even though it is the easiest rule, it is one that requires your attention. As it is a single color, if not used correctly it can end up getting tired easily.


Three colors are selected, side by side. It has little contrast, as they are very close colors. We can select four colors, and then we will call them composite analogues.

Analogous colors are often found in nature, which gives us a feeling of harmony when we find sites with colors based on this rule.


Complementary colors are those that are on opposite sides. Because of this, they cause a great contrast, since we will have a warm and a cold color.

Triads or harmonic trio:

They are colors that form an equilateral triangle. You can also use other types of triangles and even rectangles, but that's no longer called a triad.

The colors of this rule have a very contrasting harmony and it is always recommended to highlight only one of the selected colors, keeping the others only as secondary colors.


We saw then that there are techniques for combining colors. There are many other ways to combine colors. Those listed above are the most common. And, of course, it is also important to know the color theory to avoid creating color palettes that do not make sense for a certain moment when you are going to use it.

Typically, this type of table is used by editors, designers and others. But it can also be used by us, who love to wear the best clothes. This color harmony helps us to understand how important it is to understand the smallest details.

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