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Sweaty hand, ashamed to look in the eyes, not knowing what to say, not knowing what dressing, excessive nervousness, winning over a woman can be challenging and intimidating.
And, observing this, I developed 10 steps to understand how to win a
woman! I want to learn? Read below!


Believe me, even though we live in a society where everyone wears what they want, dressing stylishly will never go out of style and is a sure step to start right on the first impression you want to make. The conquest starts well before
“Hi!”. Stop prejudices, fashion is not just for women!


Yes, it matters and VERY !!!! Most women take care of their hygiene and are very vain. So always be clean and smelling! I will give 3 tips on how to always be fragrant and clean:

• I shower every day: it is better to be very clean than less. Be proud to always be clean! Especially if you play a sport or a lot, this step is important.
• Always combed or shaved, daily. It will keep your good looks.
• USE DEODORANT, DO NOT SCENT! Men tend to sweat a lot and think that perfume or cologne can mask or smell, but NO !! No woman or anyone likes a bad smell !!
• HEALTHY BREATHING! Brush your teeth at least 3 times a day and always have gum in your wallet, in case something unexpected happens.


Often men are stopped by the nervousness of not knowing the woman. Many men claim that women are very difficult to decipher, but the truth is that most of them do not observe and realize that each woman is different. Start observing the clothes she wears most, how she wears her hair, the people she walks with, the colors in her clothes. It all says a lot about her! Believe me and this we will use in the steps ahead!


Want to start chatting? Remember the previous step? APPLY THEM! Whatever you observed, bring up the subject, show that you've been paying attention to it. And, women really like (in the beginning) that men leave an air of mystery: “How did he perceive these things? Who is he? Where did he get all this information from? ”. At that time, exchanging looks, smiles are always welcome.


WOMEN HATE TO STAY VERY CLOSE AND TOUCH THE FIRST CONTACT! Use the first few conversations to know a little more about her, to understand who she is, to see who she truly is. Talking about her and you will be more engaging than direct physical contact.


Everyone says that, but many men don't. WOMEN LIKE FUN MEN. Obviously, it is not inconvenient, but knowing how to play and how to laugh, relax and become more and more involved in a conversation between the two of you. He has a lot of knowledge about balance, about moments of play and moments of focus on what she is saying.

7) BE YOU!

THE FACE OF THE MOVIE IS NOT YOU! Many men think it has to be like that college hunk, or that heartthrob in the movie, but no, be who you are. Do not try to be someone you are not. It is obvious that always trying to improve on the defects is nothing wrong, this is a lot of admiration, but pretending to be who you are NOT, will only frustrate your partner when she finds out who you really are.


You will never win the woman of your dreams if you don't trust her. Don't be an asshole. If you want it, focus 100% on it. A successful relationship is based on focusing on one WOMAN, not multiple girls. So, demonstrate that you are worthy of her trust, be honest and do not abandon her when you achieve what you want so much, which is her attention.


WOMEN LIKE SINCERITY. Don't you want to fall into the FRIENDZONE? Be a friend, but not too friendly. BUT, just like in item 6, you have to know how to balance. It is not for the first conversation to leave saying that you date her and even get married (if that is your intention). It drives women away. But, when an opportunity arises, maybe when she starts calling you "cute friend" or something, it might be a good thing to declare your real intentions with her.


What you wanted, happened. And that is where many men lose the women in their lives. Once they get what they want, they start to look different and women get out. Now is the time for you to start walking to ask her out. It's time to get to know you two even more as a couple. And, the best way to get a woman to share her ambitions, desires and everything about her life, is for you to tell about YOU, your fears and intimate details. This will make her trust you more and more. Share your ambitions with her, although it is important to be careful not to look too proud, more internal fears, childhood memories and your weaknesses.

And well, with these 10 steps, you will hardly ever fail when it comes to winning a WOMAN.

Yasmin -

WMS, team.

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